Monday, September 29, 2008

Logan @ The Heights

For my first post in Columbia Heights I figured it would be appropriate for me to review a stalwart "CoHe" establishment rather than one of the new and overpriced locations in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. Logan @ the Heights, from the same people who own Logan Tavern (surprise surprise), sits at one end of Tivoli square. The Heights has an enjoyable outdoor setting, its dishes are ambitious and have good plating, and the service is friendly and attentive. They also have an extensive, and complicated, bloody mary menu that allows you to pick one of many varieties of alcohol (vodka and gin), adjustable spicyness, additives such as lime juice or clam juice, and then a choice of up to three vegetables. I had one with absolute peppar, "spicy" mix, lime juice, and celery, cucumbers, and red peppers. The mix was good and fairly spicy, though I think it was a little on the thin side and had too much ice.

The food was, unfortunately, largely disappointing. We tried the French toast, the smoked salmon florentine, the crab cakes benedict, and the portobello florentine. All of these dishes were colorful and well-plated, as you can see from the photos. To our disappointment, most of the poached eggs were overcooked; strangely, in two of the three egg dishes, one of the eggs was cooked properly and the other was way overcooked. You could also easily tell that the spinach on the florentine was of the frozen variety. The smoked salmon was decent. It was thickly sliced and was about as good as what you can find around the city, though, of course not like you'd find at a New York establishment. The potatoes were pedestrian and required a substantial amount of condiments to ameliorate their dryness. The crab cakes were disappointing as well. Crab cakes should be crispy on the outside. These were soggy. They essentially drooped off the bread (see photo). Ironically, while the French toast looked the worst, it's the only dish that I'm comfortable giving a positive review to. It had a caramel pecan sauce that was ligher than expected and generally lived up to expectations.

The Heights tries hard. It just falls short in a number of critical areas. As of yet, it isn't worth making the trip to Columbia Heights.

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Brunch menu [The Heights]
Bloody Mary Menu [The Heights]

Logan @ The Heights
3115 14th St. NW
Washington DC 20010
(202) 797-7227

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