Monday, September 15, 2008


Bourbon is one of the more classy bar/restaurants on 18th street in Adams Morgan. It has a highly impressive array of upwards of 60 bourbons at any one time (recommendations (in order of preference): Black Maple Hill, W.L. Weller, Jefferson Reserve). Along with La Fourchette, Cashion's Eat Place (future post), Bourbon provides the best that Adams Morgan can offer for brunch. The menu serves a full assortment of tasty Kentucky-inspired food from corn beef hash to egg sandwiches, bourbon-flavored French toast, salads, and a variety of inventive sandwiches. Many of the dishes manage to use bourbon, and I commend Bourbon for sticking to their theme so well.

While not distinctly southern, the egg sandwiches are surprisingly good. There are a variety of options such as turkey, swiss, and avocado (my personal favorite), or you can create your own from an assortment of incredients. All of the egg sandwiches are served in bagels, which, defying the D.C. tradition, are actually pretty good. I'm not entirely sure where they get their bagels from, but they stack up favorably with the best bagels in the city (lest my readers get too excited or accuse me of forgetting my New York heritage, clearly, these are not New York bagels and shouldn't be compared to those).

Their non-breakfast sandwiches are also very good. All of the sandwiches are served with a side of bourbon baked beans that are covered in their BBQ sauce, which is made with (guess what) bourbon. Recently, I tried the "Bourbon Decker" -- sliced tenderloin marinated in Maker's Mark with smoke gouda, red onion, avocado, on grilled thick white bread. It was tender and the Maker's sauce was nicely tangy. The Bourbon chicken breast sandwich is also a solid choice, which makes more use of their bourbon-infused BBQ sauce.

The drinks they have are, unfortunately, fairly expensive as Adams Morgan goes. The bloody mary is eight dollars. Nonetheless, it is homemade and comes in a large glass with an exceptionally large celery stick. They are fairly proud of this drink, proclaiming on their menu that "written words just aren't enough" to describe it. Apparently, however, spoken words are since the waiter is happy to describe it, and also to bring it to you.

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2321 18th St. NW
Washington D.C. 20009
(202) 332-0800

[N.B. They also have a location in Glover Park, but I have not been there.]

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