Monday, September 22, 2008

La Fourchette

La Fourchette is an authentic Parisian cafe on 18th street in Adams Morgan. It serves traditional (though slightly heavy) French food (so authentic that, in true Parisian form, the place is closed for much of August, much to my chagrin). It also has a very nice outdoor seating area. La Fourchette serves, in the humble opinion of Brunch DC, the best brunch on 18th street. It had a solid selection of exquisitely prepared dishes, is not particularly expensive, and provides excellent service and atmosphere.

The menu, which is not available online, has a selection of poached egg dishes, ranging from a classic Benedict to Florentine (spinach and mornay sauce) to Béarnaise with fresh artichokes. Both the Florentine and the Béarnaise are excellent. The eggs are properly poached and runny. Both have well-made sauces and are nicely presented.

They also have a variety of omelettes, all cooked in the French style, meaning that the fillings are integrated into the eggs. I tried the Provençal, which contains a variety of fresh herbs and is covered with a tomato sauce. It comes with a side of potatoes, which are crisp and not mushy (unlike some other places on 18th street). The French toast is made on baguettes. While not Challah, this is also a good dish and rivals Meze's French toast as the best in the area. As for drinks, the bloody mary is spicy, though slightly thin. The coffee -- which they refer to as "American coffee" -- is a rich French roast.

A great experience overall, especially when the weather is good outside.

P.S. Good dinner too, and you can BYO wine.

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Mornay sauce [Food Network]
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La Fourchette
2429 18th St NW
Washington D.C. 20009

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