Saturday, August 2, 2008


Mixtec, on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan, serves what they refer to as "American-Mexican" brunch. They have a fairly extensive menu serving brunch dishes that you'd expect from a Mexican restaurant. Huevos Rancheros -- two tostadas topped with black beans, fried egg, and red Ranchero sauce -- for example, is something you'd find at most Mexican restaurants. It's fairly good, though I felt that the Ranchero sauce did not use enough poblano peppers, but I'm particular about my Ranchero sauce. In addition they have a number of uninspired omelettes. I tried the "Mexican," which consists of tomatoes, onions, jalepenos, and cilantro, thinking "how could you go wrong with that mix?" But, unfortunately, the eggs were overcooked and the jalapenos were surprisingly unspicy.

Most of the more unusual and therefore better dishes are filed under the "Regional Mexican" section of the menu. There they have dishes purporting to be from the Northern, Southern, Central, and "Mexican Caribbean" regions. The best one I had was the "Kulkulkan" from the Mexican Caribbean. It's a double-decker creation featuring two layers of crispy tostadas held together with refried black beans and topped with a fried egg along with peas and cubes of ham. The dish comes with fried plaintains and the same under-Poplano-ed red Ranchero sauce. This is a really interesting dish and the combination of crispy tostadas and soft refried beans is excellent. I'd recommend it if you want to get something a little out of the ordinary. However, the Kulkulkan comes in at $10.95 and, like most dishes at Mixtec, is about a dollar or two too expensive. The coffee is your average drip, but at $1.50 is, unlike their food, on the cheap side.

Strange note: They, for some reason, refuse to make poached eggs despite offering "eggs any style."

1792 Columbia Road N.W.
Washington D.C. 20009

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