Sunday, August 17, 2008

Café Tropé

N.B. Café Tropé is CLOSED.

Café Tropé, at 2100 P street NW off Dupont Circle, serves eclectic French-Caribbean food in an attractive setting. The name is derived from Saint Tropez, a seaport in the French Riviera. Tropé's brunch, which is served on both Saturdays and Sundays, includes one glass of house champagne and delicious warm crusty rolls served with a garlic and artichoke tapenade. While it's not a prix fixe deal, this is a good start. The menu -- which is fairly different from the one posted online -- has a good mix of breakfast and lunch varieties, all with a Caribbean twist. Overall the food was excellent; my only real complaint is that the dishes lacked creative plating and often looked empty on the plate, especially the omelet.

The smoked salmon eggs benedict, which our waiter claimed was his favorite dish on the menu, lived up to that promise. Perfectly done poached eggs are served on thick slices of smoked salmon on top of the same bread that they provide at the beginning of the meal. Keeping with the French theme, of course, they couldn't use English muffins, the traditional bread of the Benedict. The sauce is not a traditional Hollandaise; instead it's combined with Caribbean spices. It's served with potatoes, which were slightly dry but were otherwise good.

The coconut French toast, which we got with plantains is also very good. It's served on thick spongy bread -- the requisite consistency for good French toast -- and the coconut flavor provides a nice Caribbean essence. The bread is fairly eggy, which could make this a heavy dish and the plaintains, which was a substitution, were a little too sweet for me.

Lastly, we tried one of the omelettes, which was filled with chorizo sausage (a Spanish sausage, interestingly enough), onions, spinach, and smoked Gouda cheese. As is apparent from the picture, this dish looks disappointing since the omelet only covers half of the otherwise empty plate. In addition, the fillings are not integrated into the omelet, which is my preference, but rather the eggs are folded over them. However, the eggs are creamy and tasty and the fillings are an interestingly and successful combination.

The service was generally attentive and informative. It was a little strange, though, that we did not receive our complementary glass of champagne until we asked for it; apparently, if you don't ask for it, they don't bring it to you.

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Brunch menu (not complete) [Café Tropé]

Café Tropé
2100 P St. NW
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 223-9335

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james yap said...

I went here for lunch and was not disappointed. It was a little more
expensive than I would have expected, considering what I ordered. But
the food was delicious and filling within reason. What can I say? I
like food!
I had “BCCLT” bacon, crabcake, lettuce and tomato with tartar sauce
and french fries. Perfect.