Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Diner

From the guys that brought you Tryst and Open City, The Diner is an Adams Morgan staple and is open 24 hours a day serving breakfast and something called "dinner" at all times. It's usually packed on Saturday and Sunday mornings, as local Adams Morgan residents and tourists flock to this place to recover from their hangovers often in the clothes they wore the previous night.

While there are many better brunch places along 18th street, this one is by far the most popular, probably because the food is competent, it's fairly inexpensive, and crowds inevitably draw more crowds (thanks behavioral economists). It has standard breakfast fare -- omelettes, pancakes, an obligatory Mexican dish, -- as well as sandwiches, salads, and larger "dinner" entrées that appear to be on the menu just for show. The "croques," French breakfast sandwiches, which consist of eggs, French bread, gruyere, béchamel sauce, and meat is a greasy highlight on the otherwise ordinary menu. The omelettes are fairly traditional and generally overcooked, but the Spanish Omelette, which is filled with pepperjack cheese and what appears to actually be homemade tomato salsa and is surprisingly flavorful. We'd generally stay away from the Eggs Benedict since they are fairly pricey here and the Diner chefs apparently haven't figured out how to poach an egg that doesn't come out watery and flat. The drinks are also ordinary except for the bloody mary, which comes in a large glass, is fairly spicy and alcoholic; an easy way to break a hangover.

Absurdly large desserts. Decent coffee.

The Diner
2453 18th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

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Emily said...

As a vegan who frequents brunch places in DC, I will add that this brunch menu leaves much to be desired for the vegan/vegatarian bruncher. The homemade black bean burger is vegan, but it's only slightly tastier than moistened wood pulp. Also, beware of the fries -- they are cooked in animal grease.